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Dynocom X Pod Hub Dyno

With our Performance tuning packages we offer a safer tuning environment with dyno tuning. Our dyno hubs have braking devices called an eddy brake to simulate actual load, like you would on the street or track. This type of dyno will allow for more accurate tuning and numbers. We can measure up to 1800+HP 200MPH with our Dynocom Hubs. The dyno connects to your axle shaft hubs, which eliminates the wheel/tire variables from the tuning.


Dyno Testing

We are able to offer you a safe environment for tuning and simulated testing with our eddy brakes on each hub. This allows for more accurate tuning and true load results.


Custom Tuning

Accelerated Racing Solutions uses HP Tuners to do most of the PCM/TCM tuning here.  Every tune is custom to your vehicle with not only performance but also drive-ability. We are tuning your vehicle in house and per your modificaitons. We also offer stand alone tuning with ProEFI, Holley, Haltech and MoTec.

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Doing more with less ๐Ÿš€ _ltx_andres _818

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_speedengineering Heat Exchanger and Rad