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New Location Update: Anna Texas

We have less than a week before we will be fully operational at our new location up the road from our McKinney location in Anna Texas. We are about 50 minutes North of the DFW Airport and away from the City Traffic. This location is 2 minutes off Highway 121, located on an Air Strip called (Flying T Air Ranch). Our Hangar is next to the Flying T Repair Station, and next to a private residence. Please be respectful when near the property, we do share a gated location, but we are not hard to find as the Hangar is over 6,000 square feet on 2 acres of property.

This location offers gated privacy and 24 hour security and surveillance. All vehicles are located inside the facility, so nothing will be left out over night. Our Hangar is also climate controlled so that every vehicle is maintained, and also kept out of the harsh weather. We created this location to give you the most luxurious experience when building/tuning your vehicle. Brandon and I strived to make this not only our dream shop but also an experience like no other. We are still a one man show here at ARS, the builder is also your tuner, so all attention is given to your vehicle.

Something new we are offering at this location is Pick Up/Drop off Services. If distance is an inconvenience, please inform us and we will plan either trailer pickup or shuttle services. Do not feel that we are too far North from you, we will get it handled when you have scheduled a build with us. During the move we are still building vehicles and taking appointments. Currently we are booking in November.

We can not wait to show you the final result. As mentioned we have less than a week to go before it's ready, but here is some progress pictures for now.

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