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January 23, 2018

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October 21, 2017

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Why ARS?

January 23, 2018

I asked this myself because it is the number one question that will go through someone's thought process while they are selecting a shop to work on their vehicle. Why choose Accelerated Racing Solutions? I know there are many options out there, and why would you chose this small shop in Rancho.


My husband and I have a passion for modifying vehicles, I'd almost call it an obsession. We know what it is like to find a shop you can trust for not only the work, but also to receive the best advice for their specific build. Everyone has their own opinions, and different experiences, so no shop is alike. Even after going to a shop for many years, there's sometimes that drive to try something new, and we understand that. Pick the shop you feel comfortable with, if you do not prefer who you are working with, it's probably better if you don't go with them. 


A bonus with ARS is that we learn new information everyday, we always have an open mind for the best performance at the best price, with the best quality in mind as well. New products, theories, pop up all the time. One thing that is awesome about the aftermarket industry is that new products come out constantly. We love to test them and make sure to get you the best products out there. 


Testing our builds at the track is a big bonus. We are able to see improvements, and be sure to get you the best performance, safely. Brandon and I are human, and adjustments sometimes will need to be made, but we will always do our best to make it right and perfect for each customer.


We treat our customers cars like they are our own. Again, we know what it is like with someone else touching our toys. Each person we meet and get the opportunity to work on their car makes you apart of our team. It means the most to us when we can be there for each step of your build. Here are some other reasons you should choose ARS: 


1. Unparalleled Customer Service.  We take care of your vehicle like it was our own. Progress updates are sent via text or email, along with photos/videos of your ride during the build. 

2. We take cars in only when we are able to work on them, so your vehicle isn't at our shop for a long period of time.

3. 24 Hour surveillance and security, and your vehicle is stored inside for protection.

4. Car protection with seat covers, floor mats, and protective wrap so that nothing can scratch or damage your exterior/interior. 

5. Windows are never down in your vehicle so that no dust or debris can enter the car. You bring your car in clean, it will leave clean.

6. We never leave parts/tools on your vehicle. ARS has a specific cart to hold these items so that your car won't have to.

7. ARS offers the best products for drive ability, performance, and quality.

8. We have over 10 years of ASE Master Certified Technician experience to offer to our customers.

9. The ARS Team is fellow drag racers/car enthusiasts as your self. We have oil that runs through our veins. 

10.  We offer track support to make sure your build is performing at the track.  We are open nights and weekends when other shops are not so that we can be available when you need us to be available.

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