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October 21, 2017

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#H8TRMKR Revealed

April 5, 2018

A question I get asked is, "why did you build a LSX swapped Mustang?" I mean, it is a common build for people to put GM LS engines in a Ford body, but it has more to do with the past than it does functionality, for us. Back in high school my husband Brandon, drove around a teal blue 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5.0, five speed. It was one of the cleanest sports cars I had been in at the ripe age of seventeen.  We thought we were fast at that time, even had some under-glows to show it off underneath the chassis. Back in 2004 I would race him at the local quarter mile track in Fontana, and he would beat me in my 1969 Camaro with a 327 small block in it. We were running about 14 to 15 seconds back then. That car truly was the start of modifications and racing for us. Not to mention the beginning of our competitiveness against each other. 


 Back to 2016 now; So when we were deciding about what car to build for our first turbo "street car", the mustang was the first style/make he thought of, and actually got excited to build it. He even painted it a similar color to his high school car. Now I say "street car" because that is how it was supposed to start. Not to say this car couldn't be driven anywhere, but there really is no reason to drive this thing on public roads.  This 1997 Mustang we now call the #H8TRMKR is so basic it makes us laugh at times. 


One reason why people typically put their LS engines in a Ford is because of the lighter chassis, and more functional suspension Ford has to offer for the sport of Drag Racing. Also, the cost of the suspension and brakes, are exceptionally cheaper than building a GM bodied car. For example, we have the stock rear end that came in this 1997 Mustang, in this 7 second race car. All we added was upgraded axles, and gearing. With a GM bodied vehicle, one would typically replace the GM rear end and replace it with a Ford 9", which is pretty pricy. Our front suspension is cheaper than our wheel setup for the car. Still keeping shock/spring in the fronts, and we upgraded the rears to coil overs since we were having lifting issues. The cheaper the parts we would buy, means we can build two!


The power plant that is in the #H8TRMKR is even more simple. We do have an LSX block, which is cheaper than most aftermarket blocks. We picked that block for the sole purpose of adding additional head bolts for this boost application, making it stronger but defiantly not lighter. Typically when picking heads for an LS vehicle, one would normally cough up the cash and go with some LS7 style heads, but we wanted to be different and stick with a LS1 style heads and go #cathedralportmafia This means we have the cheapest style heads for an LS based build. This 427 cubic inch motor is being supplied boost with two 76mm Turbos, and cooling was added with a top mounted intercooler.


One thing I can say we didn't go budget on was the operating system. We wanted to be able to control everything, and so money was spent there. But please don't look at the brakes. Those would be a local parts store speciality.  This car was named the #H8TRMKR because it is so simple, yet so bastardized we knew it would draw some attention. So now we have created a 7 second drag car that Brandon and I totally have a blast beating each others times in. He loves watching me race and I love watching him race. It works out pretty good. But this little girl has the itch to race against him one day, so stay tuned for that build/race.