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February 16, 2019

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First Roll Racing Event in Fontana, CA

October 21, 2017

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Three Dyno Days In The Books

July 5, 2018

As of June 23rd, we have officially had our third annual dyno day/night. Crazy to believe that it feels like we just started this awesome journey building/tuning some awesome cars.  To think that we have so many amazing and fast builds coming out in the next couple months alone gets me super pumped up! Here is a look at our first Dyno Day back in 2016. 

This dyno day was actually the first day we had the dyno operating. In the middle of the video we had Dyno Don here from Mustang Dyno showing us how to operate the machine, and to make sure it was calibrated correctly (we had the professional here, everything went smoothly).  I believe we had almost 100 people show up to spectate/participate in our first 6 months of being open to the public. It was super hot that day, but we were able to get the dyno dialed in, and meet a bunch of new people. 

Our 2nd Annual Dyno Day was even hotter, and had a much larger crowd. Our dyno was located in the shop across the way, so more room was given to not only us, but our supporters.  This event had even a wider range of vehicles, we met and spoke with so many new people. That was a good event. 

For our most recent event, we decided to go with a summer night for comfort of our guests and yes of course ourselves as well. We also had a different location here for the dyno which gave a more personal feel since there is a rear, and front section to view the dyno pulls.  There must of been about 200 people at this latest event, which was such an awesome thing to see.  Be sure to watch out for the next one coming, they are not to be missed!


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