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2020 Is Done, Now Let's Move Forward to 2021

Brandon and I want to thank everyone for supporting us through this tough year. We have not only moved our small business from over 1500 miles away, opened a new location during a pandemic, but have more than doubled our location in less than 6 months of being open in a new state.

Supporters from all over the United States have shipped us their vehicles, and we couldn't be more grateful for the local and out of state support.

2020 was the most challenging year, but we have grown a lot this year and plan to kill it even more next year. Again we want to say thank you for letting us build your rides with the best quality stuff on the market to date. We constantly do our research and testing to find that for you.

Now let's move on to 2021 with positive and winning vibes. Happy New Year Team ARS. Be safe and healthy and prosperous.

BTW we will be open all weekend long. So don't hesitate to call or DM me.

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