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Customer Testimonials

References From Real People

Hands down one of the best shops I've dealt with... This is a business owned by Husband and Wife, both racing LS swapped vehicles... They LOVE cars, they aren't trying to get rich changing oil or doing a valve job... but probably would if you wanted them to... Genuine honest people who will do what is best for your application... I trust them, you will also.... If you want it done right this is the place... If you want to make more power with bolt-ons or get a tune... Take it to ARS and go see Brandon and Tiana.

Clayton Rogers

I had a great experience with the tuning from ARS on my C7 Z06. They kept me updated throughout the day on the progress of it sending pics and dyno #'s :) They also took the time to adjust all aspects of the methanol injection system which was a first for me. They were just genuinely nice to talk with. I could have hung out in that shop all day with all the builds they have going on. I have been using the same shops around DFW for many years now and just stuck with what I knew (the whole if it ain't broke don't fix it theory) and I have nothing bad to say about the shops I have used in the past. I was hesitant to try a new shop out but am very glad I did and would encourage others in the area to give these guys a try. They may be somewhat new to the area but they are not new to cars/racing!

Kenneth M.

I love what they did to my Ponitac G8 GT!! let me tell you, if you love your vehicle like i do and want someone to work on it like there very own then this is the place for you! When I met the owners and told them what I wanted to do with my car their eyes lite up like mine did. They gave me so much information on my engine and transmission and what it was capable of with the right components, I WAS SOLD! best decision I ever made! I got a new cam, LT headers, dod delete, lifters, oil pump, high performance torque converter and much more.. I had it towed over to the shop because i had two bad lifters, which they confirmed later.. they sent me a picture of the safe arrival and pictures through the whole build. I have had my car back for a month or so now and she drives better than ever! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Josh Coover

If you want things done right the first time, come to ARS! Tiana and Brandon are amazing!!! Ever since I initially called Tiana months ago for info both Brandon and her were very nice and informative. I had my 16 stingray worked on by one shop and tuned by another. Should've just came here first. I came in for a retune after feeling like my car shouldn't be driving the way it did, and not only did I come out with a much safer tune (no knocking, more fuel, etc), it drives almost like stock, but I even made more power! What?! Overall I give them a 12/10! Awesome customer service and amazing results. And to top it off, 5 minutes away from my house! Thanks guys!

Ramiro Maldono

All in 3 days. Best place to get your vechicle done RIGHT!! Very clean work and attention to detail. Any problems they’ll take care of it. They take pride in their work. Thank you Tiana & Brandon. Im going to enjoy my truck alot better from now on.

Tubby O

If you are looking for a performance shop for tunes and MODs, this is the place. I upgraded to E85 on my Corvette and performance tune.
What a difference. I highly recommend this shop. Brandon and Tiana are terrific and love their craft on improving performance. I went to their shop based on the positive feedback. Try them out. You will not be disappointed.

Randy Hatanaka

To start off, my experience at ARS was awesome! Not only did Tiana and Brandon make me feel welcomed but they did a great job on my car! They are very knowledgeable and the turn around time was sooner than I expected. Definitely recommend this shop; you will NOT be disappointed!! Thank you ARS! 👍

Joel Sanchez

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