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Dyno Arriving Now!

I have some awesome news DFW/FORT WORTH! Our Dyno will be arriving next week, so I can start scheduling for in house dyno tuning. We will be receiving a Dynocom Hub Dyno for our tuning needs. This will eliminate the issues of faulty, bare tires hitting the rollers as we won't have rollers. We will be hooking up the hubs to our dyno and have direct contact with the adaptors.

This option of a hub dyno also eliminates the tire spin issues that chassis dyno's have. We won't need to put weight in the rear to stop these high horsepower cars to stop from spinning and tearing up tires. Each dyno pod has an eddy current to better simulate the load we are wanting for tuning. Rather than just a weighted roller we can add in or remove load as we need for more precise tuning, and better simulation of the street and or/track.

If you have any questions about our dyno, or wanting to schedule an appointment be sure to contact me anytime.

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