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Flashlight Shootout Was A Hit!

This was the first Contagion Athletics Flashlight Shootout we have attended, and we are pumped for the next one in August 2020! This is a prepped event that has classes from Daily Driver to Big Tire, even a Truck/SUV class is in it! There are no times, and the start is off a flashlight, which makes it more like a street race.

I was in the Daily Driver class which requires a DOT tire, radio, passenger seat and of course registered and insured vehicle. I felt my car would be a good competitor in this field, but I knew I was going to be fighting testing with the new and looser converter. That meaning, I would need to play with suspension since the converter would hit harder.

During the day I was lifting the wheels, but made an adjustment and figured we would be good for rounds. But after the first round the temp was dropping dramatically and my car gained quite some horsepower, not to mention the prep was getting better. So my second round the car didn't do a high lifting wheelie but I was taken off guard because the wheelie wasn't coming down. I messed up my pass and lost to a car I was in front of. You live and learn and the next pass down I need to make better decisions when my wheels are up in the air.

Brandon was entered in the Small Tire Class, which the cars that are in it are super fast here in Texas. His car would have been perfect for the True Street Class but full interior is required for that, so we might need to change his interior setup, but for now Small Tire it is. The #H8TRMKR went out first round sadly. Throughout the day we were fighting a spinning issue off the line due to the weight we had put in the car compensating for the colder weather we had a week prior. So for that round we had our limp tune in just to get down and it wasn't nearly enough for the cars in that class.

Learning about the tracks, conditions and our own cars is a mission each time we are out and we are excited about the 2020 race season!! We were blessed with the Media coverage from this event. I have so many amazing videos and pictures from amazing enthusiasts at this event, and glad that we were a sponsor. Till the next one ARSFAMILY!

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