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More Port Injection Options Now Available

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Pumped to announce that we will have 6th Gen Camaro/CTSV/ C7 Corvette port injection kits available through @proefiofficial

We have a long history with #proefi with our own personal race cars as well as our LS customers.

Being able to offer you another option with little to no wait time for parts will help progress builds.

The PROEFI system offers us the capability to not only add port injection, but gives us the availability to remove spark control from the factory ECU for traction /launch control.

Using this system also gives us the option to add in safeties to protect your investment. Aftermarket ECUs are not only a tuning advantage, but also an investment to your build #whatsyourengineworth #Acceleratedracingsolutions #ARSTuned #ARSBUILT

We also offer Motec Kits as well for our builds with custom harnesses, parts have been on backorder for some time, so we are working out options for that system as well.

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