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No Prep Shop Car is Ready for 2024

2024 Race Season is going to be filled with many of our customers racing on Prepped surfaces but we have a passion for NO PREP ourselves. We created a LS Procharger powered Mustang Cobra #bossladylsx. I picked the Cobra because well, it is my favorite car. We build Camaros and Corvettes on a daily basis so no need to build another one for my own personal sport.

This car is equipped with a LME 400 Dart Block LS and a F3R-112 Procharger. It is fueled with Atomizer 600s and M1 fuel. Rossler TH400 and Neal Chance converter, and custom Viking Coilovers revalved by Afterworks. Fuel Tech is the engine control and overall all suspension sensors to better prepare us for tuning on NO prep surfaces.

We will be traveling the country to find the sketchiest backside races to lay down over 2000hp. Be sure to subscribe to my personal YOUTUBE or Follow

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