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Racing Season Is In Full Effect!

June is the month to be here in the DFW area for racing, whether it's Small tire, Daily Driver, or True Street, everyone will have action in June. For those builds still waiting to schedule, we are fully committed for June builds, but we can still get you ready for The Flash Light Shootout at the end of July, which will be at XRP in Ferries Texas July 31st.

Night racing during the summer helps with the heat, but be sure to have your car ready for those hot nights of racing. Adding cooling modifications and even switching to E85 will help keep those temps down. Also with racing, consider traction as a huge modification. We can convert your brakes to accept 15" wheels for more tire height and help with that traction issue you may be having.

If your setup is already equipped with a 15" Conversion, possibly we can look into suspension modifications to get your 60 foot down. Remember to always check on our Instagram Account Bio to see what dates we are offering #ARSTRACKSUPPORT On these days we can help beginners understand racing, offer tips and advice, or just watch and observe what you are doing while you are racing. Even if you are a seasoned racer we can still come out and support or help to maximize performance for your #ARSBUILT / #ARSTUNED vehicle.

Let the racing begin, and let's have some fun this 2021 Race Season!

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