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Rising Technology and Increasing HP: ARS Newsletter-June 2024

Almost every month new technology is emerging in the LT world. When it comes to billet blocks, different port injection options for all budgets and custom turbo builds, we are advancing with the market. One thing we know about owning a performance shop is that everyone always wants more horsepower. Don't worry, there is always more available. Having more options in the market we are able to guide you to what HP and budget you are able to work with.

We tune more than just the stock ECU with these platforms. We offer custom tunes with Motec, ProEFI, TooHigh PSI, Fuel Tech, and HP Tuners. Whether you are a drag racer and want more traction control capabilities on the fly, or simply wanting to run full E85, we can build the perfect setup for you. For those that love building their car for car show enjoyment or weekend fun, we can help you out with that as well. We offer custom tuning and exhaust, heads/cam and supercharger upgrades.

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LS Fest Texas 2024 was a blast, we had a few competitors in drag racing, and also auto cross. It was great to see everyone that came to our pit and who I saw walking around. We really appreciate that. With Summer coming up fast, we have limited events we will be attending. If wanting to schedule us for #ARSTrackSupport, please contact me and we will see what we have available.

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