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To set an appointment, please send in a deposit to reserve a date. This is for tuning and/or installations, also this deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. Deposit amount will go towards total, and you will be contacted once the deposit has been made to confirm the drop off date. Vehicle must comply with State Vehicle Laws. Emission systems must be intact for us to operate. If car is a dedicated "Closed Course" vehicle, be sure to trailer vehicle to shop. 


**Appointment date can change based on parts availiablity and also scheduling.  Please be flexible when making your appointment. Be sure to check out the dyno waiver once deposit has been made. Your vehicle must be dropped up and then picked up at the given time your appointment has been completed. There is no option to stay at the shop for your appointment. 

**Your car must not have any exhaust leaks, and exhaust must go past rear axle. If the exhaust has leaks or is not able to reach our exhaust pipes we will be street tuning your vehicle. 

**If vehicle has over 100,000 miles we will need to physically inspect the car before scheduling a date for service.

Appointment Deposit

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