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April 2024 Newsletter: Experience is Key

The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience- Albert Einstein

Shop Update:

Brandon and I have spent the last year building a new shop car with some awesome companies and fabrication shops. This car is unlike anything we build everyday. Not your typical Camaro with a supercharger or nitrous kit here. This is a Procharged LS that runs on methanol, making over 2000hp. It has been fabricated with custom suspension, more safety with a full funny car cage, and fire suppression systems. We call this car #BOSSLADYLSX

We built a car that we knew we could grow from and learn new strategies with. Being powered by a Procharger, power comes in different than if turbo or nitrous. RPM is key to make boost and power. Also being equipped with Fuel Tech ECU will help Brandon learn other tuning strategies as well. This is the first car we have tuned with methanol as a primary fuel, along with a crank driven supercharger. Learning new things, helps us implement more knowledge into every day builds. For those customers that race with us, we are more knowledgable now than ever before. With this build I am able to make mistakes and learn from it.

A couple weeks ago we were able to get the car out to the track to get some tuning done, and for me to get experience with it behind the wheel. I have some videos posted on my personal YouTube page which you can see below, and there are a few shorts that I created just from that weekend on that page as well.

Currently we are getting data safely at Xtreme Raceway Park. This environment is calming and better for us to get clean data before we take it out for No prep events. Our first race will be at Texas Motor Speedway for Holley LS Fest. This is a NO Prep event, and the drag race part of it will be on the return road of the NASCAR track. 4EverGrudge was able to capture some of the first passes I made in this new car. You can see me make some half passes, and then some full passes. Getting more comfortable in your build before going all out is key to a successful build. Hope you all get to watch the progress of this build, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me.

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