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ARS Has a New Shop Car: January 2024 Newsletter

Written below is some information on track support, racing calendar is provided also so that if you want to plan with us, please contact me. Some exciting news about ARS new Shop Car, and some info for scheduling for 2024.

Brandon and I want to wish everyone Happy New Year, and hope your Holidays brought you a great ending to 2023. Also want to share our appreciation for the support we received through this past year. It really means a lot to us, having everyone watch us grow and build such awesome platforms.

Hot Topic #1: #ARSTrackSupport

The racing season for 2024 is only a couple months away. Promoters have released most of their schedules, so we have a good idea of what our calendar looks like for 2024. If you are interested in Track Support for a specific event or track rental, please contact us ASAP. Scheduling for us to come out to an event is preferred about 8+ weeks out. This allows us to plan our work schedule appropriately. If something is mentioned the week of, there is no promises of us being available.

Track support is charged based on what extent you are needing us, and also travel time. Whether you are wanting us to be available for data logging and tune adjustments, or just support at the track we can be there. There is instances where we offer complimentary Track Support, I do post those events/dates on our social media platforms so be sure to watch for those.

***If interested in a racing schedule, click here for a great reference point for any type of drag racing across the United States.

Accelerated Racing Solutions offers Track Support

Hot Topic # 2: New Build for 2024-"Sparky"

It has been a few years since we built a Late Model Shop Car, so we picked up another 6th Gen Camaro and we will be building it this 2024 Season. Plans are currently being decided so I don't have much information to share, but this will be a Daily Driver contender and Grudge Race Car. I will mostly be posting information about this build in the blogs and on our website, so be sure to subscribe to get any updates on that particular build. Be careful when you line up next to this one, she is going to be spicy.

Hot Topic # 3: Scheduling

When it comes to making an appointment, please keep in mind I am typically scheduling out about 8-14 weeks. I have a one man shop, he does the installations and tuning, so we appreciate you being patient and scheduling out with us. If you are wanting your tune to be revised quicker than what I am scheduling, we can tune your vehicle remotely. That can typcially be done within a week. (Tip: I do offer street tune options for retunes so that can be scheduled sooner than being on the dyno).

I don't know about you but 2024 is going to be wild!

2023 was a big year for us, we not only moved up the road to a more secure, larger location, but we have created more racers for our Team. We attended more track events this past year than any previous year. Our focus for 2024 is to attend even more, and bring home a few trophy's while we are at it.

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