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Start of 2019 with a BANG!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The new year is always an opportunity to start things over, and make it better than the last year, right? We believe so, there is room for improvement in everything we do and even as a business, we want to grow and improve ourselves from the things we have learned from the previous year.

To start off 2019 right, we have many things planned as far as who we work with, and what other companies we want to grow with. Even putting ourselves out a little more personally, so that we aren't just that shop you go to, but a shop you feel you are apart of. Brandon and I want to be apart of everyone's lives in a positive way, and have more of a Team based atmosphere.

To start off the year ,we partnered with The Hoonigans, on a new series called the #KallOutKings which features episodes on YouTube. Brandon and I were able to be apart of the journey to get Jon Chase (Hoonigan Brand Manager) to a race with his newly build 55 Chevy against Roadkills, Mike Finnegan. Please take the time to watch the journey, as it is quite entertaining to watch what both teams go through. You will also be seeing more from us with The Hoonigans in the coming weeks as well, so watch for it!

Another great feature is with Dragzine magazine and our Late Model Engines 440 LT1. Scott Parkhurst in his article talks about not only the prestigious engine itself that was built by LME, but also about ourselves and the shop. The 2018 Camaro to us is a big project that will take time, but we are patient to make it an exciting showcase for Accelerated Racing Solutions. This article is a great read if interested in these direct injected motors that are getting so popular and also the interest about us.

More new builds coming out is my own LS9 swapped Mustang,  which is slowly coming together as well. To bring this build together we have partnered with a few companies like Wilwood Brakes, Kong Performance, and Monster Clutches. There is some exciting things I would love to disclose to you at the moment, but am unable to till it is released publicly.  Please watch our FaceBook and Instagram closely for details on more showcases of builds and new opportunities that we are able to be apart of. Also be sure to check up on our Media Section on our website for all things Media related. 

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