Live Interview with LIMPY

Be sure to check out Limpy Live Interview with me on his FB live, YouTube, or Twitch page! Link is Here: We get to talk about racing, upcoming events, wheelies, possible power adders, my lack or testing and my love for racing. Also how awesome #DFWSS is! #Acceleratedracingsolutions #ARSTuned #ARSBUILT #ZRStang #limpy

Texas Radial Round-Up Radial Racing in DFW

March 18-20th Team we are getting ready for Texas Radial Round-Up at Texas Motorplex Big shout out to Michael Hollis and Big Hat Mafia for bringing more Radial racing to DFW!! T&E Promotions are prepping and planning on breaking some parts. Many classes for people to fit in. Check out the event page on Facebook to check out rules and payouts. Hope to see everyone there, and be sure to stop by our trailer, proud to sponsor this event with you guys #Acceleratedracingsolutions

2020 Is Done, Now Let's Move Forward to 2021

Brandon and I want to thank everyone for supporting us through this tough year. We have not only moved our small business from over 1500 miles away, opened a new location during a pandemic, but have more than doubled our location in less than 6 months of being open in a new state. Supporters from all over the United States have shipped us their vehicles, and we couldn't be more grateful for the local and out of state support. 2020 was the most challenging year, but we have gr

ARS Grand Opening Event 2020!

Grand Opening Event is Scheduled Sunday, October 11th from 5pm-10pm we will be offering free food, manufacturer giveaways, some special guests and a DJ. We will also be having a dyno day, sign ups will start October 1st, so be sure to email us then with information on your car since spots will be limited. All are welcome to the event. I will also be posting the event on our Facebook so you can RSVP. More information to come, so stay posted family! #Acceleratedracingsolutions

Netflix Original Series: Fastest Car

We are so honored to be apart of a Netflix Original Series called Fastest Car. Watching this show, shows you a bit about our lives, the shop, our history. Racing is our life, and being able to show millions of people what we do on a daily basis is beyond words. This show brings together people that have a passion for building cars and others that are obsessed with buying cars. We come together and see who sticks it out to the end. This show really emphasizes the passion we h

Start of 2019 with a BANG!

The new year is always an opportunity to start things over, and make it better than the last year, right? We believe so, there is room for improvement in everything we do and even as a business, we want to grow and improve ourselves from the things we have learned from the previous year. To start off 2019 right, we have many things planned as far as who we work with, and what other companies we want to grow with. Even putting ourselves out a little more personally, so that we