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One Man Show: Brandon Weber (ARSTuned)

Many of you may not know this, but Accelerated Racing Solutions is a one man shop. Your builder is the tuner here at ARS. From your drop off to your pickup, it's @arstuned that has everything under control.

A little bit of history here is that Brandon Weber has dealer experience as well as Performance Shop experience. He worked as a technician all the way to Service Director. Understanding what customers are needing from not only the mechanical side, but also the customer service side helps in day to day work environment. More diversity comes with every day experiences and hobbies. This helps with building and tuning knowing what products are more quality than others.

Racing and building cars is what he has been doing for about 20 years. So his knowledge of the race world is also beneficial in being competitive. Racing helps with adapting to new parts and strategies that come out in the aftermarket world.

Just wanted to give him a shoutout today since @TX2K prep is underway and I know any amount of support will help <3 #arstunedftw #Acceleratedracingsolutions #ARSTuned #ARSBUILT

-- Tiana

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